1.8 Lockdown procedure


Policy statement


Westwood Farm Community Pre-School recognises that there may be potentially serious risks to children, staff and visitors in emergency or harmful situations. A lockdown may take place where there is a perceived risk of threat to the Pre-School, its staff, children, visitors or property.





In any event of an incident taking place, the message will be conveyed in the form of a whistle. The member of staff blowing the whistle will use one word to alert staff of the procedures they are to follow.  The word “in” will be used if everyone needs to come into the building.  “Out” will be used in the event of the building needing to be evacuated; and “cupboard” will be used if everyone needs to be in our safe place. 

If the Manager becomes aware of a security threat or a disturbance in the vicinity, that we deem to put the children in our care, or the staff at risk; the following procedures will be followed:

The Manager (or person first seeing the incident) will blow the whistle, and say the word ”in” to alert staff that there is an issue and all staff and children will enter the building as quickly as possible.

The Manager or Deputy will call 999 or 101 (Thames Valley Police), the Chairperson and the Landlord.

All staff will be made aware of the situation, and along with the children they will remain inside the building with all doors and windows closed and locked, and the blinds shut where it is safe to do so. In the event of a minor incident (no immediate risk to us), we intend to carry on with our activities as much as possible. Staff will be given the all clear when the incident is over, and the threat has gone.



In the event of a serious incident all staff will have been alerted by the whistle and the word “cupboard” and they, along with the children will gather as quickly and quietly as possible in the ‘safe room’; which is the small bar area.  They will remain here out of sight, taking the top drawer, which contains both the children’s and staff registers, the blue box, containing emergency contact details, medication, and both the Pre-School and staff mobile phones. 

The Deputy will complete the register while the Manager checks the premises (including the toilets) for other children. The Manager will ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked where possible.  In the event that the Manager and/or Deputy are not present another member of staff will be allocated to do this. 

We will reassure the children and endeavour to keep them as calm and quiet as possible throughout the incident and will remain here until we receive further instructions from the emergency services. The door will be locked and if deemed necessary the filing cabinets are to be pushed across to block the door.

If the threat to our safety occurs at a time when we are expecting additional staff or parents (either dropping off or collecting), and it is appropriate, the Manager, Deputy and Chairperson will inform them of the danger and advise them not to attend.

When we are informed that the incident is over and the threat has gone, staff will be given the all clear. We will then continue with our activities as much as possible whilst the Manager and/or Deputy contact all of the parents to inform them of the incident

The incident will be recorded in the Incident file and Ofsted and West Berkshire Early Years Team will be contacted within 24 hours of the incident occurring.