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6.8 Oral health


The setting provides care for children and promotes health through promoting oral health and hygiene, encouraging healthy eating, healthy snacks and tooth brushing.

  • Fresh drinking water is available at all times and easily accessible.

  • Sugary drinks are not served.

  • Only water and milk are served with morning and afternoon snacks.

  • Children are offered healthy nutritious snacks with no added sugar.

  • Parents are discouraged from sending in confectionary as a snack or treat.

  • We gather details of childrens dentists when they start


  • Parents are advised to stop using dummies/pacifiers once their child is 12 months old.

  • Dummies that are damaged are disposed of and parents are told that this has happened

  • We have information for parents available in the hallway

  • We discourage the use of these whilst the child is at pre-school

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