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Complaints & Comments



If you have a problem we recommend that in the first instance you speak to your child's keyworker or a member of the Pre-School staff.  Most issues can be dealt with quickly and effectively in this way.  

Staff members are available at drop of and collection times for a quick chat or if you need to talk more in depth you can arrange either to come in and speak to your child's keyworker/Pre-School manager or ask them to give you a call at a convenient time.  


If your issue has not been satisfactorily dealt with then you can speak to the Manager either face to face, emailing or by calling 07591750224 (during Pre-School session times).  Alternatively you can email the Chair of the Pre-School Committee at


You can also speak to a Committee Member, to see a list of the Committee Members and their contact information please check the board in the entrance hall.


To see our formal complaints policy please click the link below.

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